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Ready to take your challenge to the next level? Now you can, with Myles Gold. All for the same cost as 1 cup of coffee per month.

Explore More.

With over 60 exclusive routes for Myles Gold, you'll have even more challenges to choose from. Take on some of the world's most famous trails and trips. Virtually explore them all, from any location.

A More Immersive Experience.

With Myles Gold, you'll unlock access to real time weather data of your virtual location along the route. Temperature, conditions, wind and more. We've got you covered.

Increased Team Collaboration.

With an increased max group size of 15, you can take on challenges with more people than ever before. Work together to complete the challenge and keep it competitive by aiming for the top of that leaderboard.

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Myles Gold

Checkout Myles Gold In the Menu on the Myles App