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So, How Does It Work?

Step One.
Challenge Type

Take on a solo challenge, or motivate your friends too by starting or joining a group challenge

myles group challenge screen
myles select challenge screen

Step Two.
Which Challenge?

Choose your challenge from our list of 10 epic challenges at virtual locations around the world

Step Three.
Bike, Run or Walk?

Whether you're a cyclist, runner or a walker. Choose the activity type for your virtual challenge

myles activity screen
stats screen

Step Four.
Get Exercising

Start running, cycling or walking and update your challenge progress automatically by linking your account with Strava

Step Five.
Track Progress and Virtual Location

Track your location on your virtual challenge route to the nearest meter and view interesting stats about your progress so far


Step Six.
View Trophies

Look back on all of your completed virtual challenges and share your achievements with friends

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