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Corporate Team Building

In any business, organisation or charity team; culture is key! Culture determines employee happiness, wellbeing and ultimately effectiveness. Culture ties people together and so making it right can lead to a better more cohesive team.

One of the best tools for team-building is completing a virtual challenge! We’ve worked with all sizes of businesses and all of whom have found that challenges improve communication, liven spirits and bring teams together.

Building a team virtually?

Working in a small, growing business ourselves we’ve experienced the difficulty of keeping up enthusiasm, especially whilst people are working from home. We regularly use our own bespoke challenges to engage team members, encourage competition and collaboration between employees.

Team Building ideas

During your virtual challenge you can run events, either online or (if safe) in-person to help boost engagement and build cohesion between your team members even more. You should be aiming to get the most out of your virtual challenge! We’ve listed some of our favourite team building events and ideas below:





Group chats!

Use the online dashboard to see where teams are along the route


If you want any more information or advice on how to improve team-building virtually, get in touch: [email protected]!


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